Myth #2: Ultra Low Carbohydrate Diets such as the Ketogenic Diet are Great for Weight loss 

The Ketogenic diet promotes the use of fat for energy as the intake of carbohydrates, the body’s main form of energy, is limited.  This diet may lead to weight loss in the short term, but is highly unsustainable. As with any extreme diet, up to 95% of people regain the weight due to unrealistic dietary restrictions.  Furthermore, due to the avoidance of whole grains, fibrous starchy vegetables and even carbohydrate-rich plant proteins, you may be at risk for nutrient deficiencies as well, especially B vitamins. Finally, as our gut bacteria require carbohydrates for food, a lower carbohydrate intake has been associated with changes in colonic mucosal health which negatively affects our overall health. 

An optimal diet for you is not found online or in a magazine, it is found with an awareness and understanding of what you need based on your lifestyle, activity level, nutrient needs and personal preferences. 

Eat Well, Halifax,
Nicole Marchand, RD

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