Our Approach

Our Therapeutic Approach

At Eat Well Nova Scotia, our approach to our services and programs are client-focused, easy to follow, educational and life changing! Due to our years of experience and research as Medical Nutrition Therapists, we have been able to format our programs and consultations to meet the specific needs of our clients.

We are also firm believers that most chronic illnesses begin at the level of the gut and are linked to systemic and chronic inflammation and that with proper education and motivation, anyone can take health into their own hands by focusing on nutrition and lifestyle choices that promote digestive health & overall wellness.


Meet the team

A team of well experienced dietitians helping you aim for optimal health and longevity using therapeutic nutrition and lifestyle medicine. All dietitians on the team offer telephone and virtual nutrition and lifestyle counselling services across the province.

Nicole Marchand

RD & Owner

Nicole Marchand, RD, owner of Eat Well Halifax / Eat Well NS completed her Bachelor of Science in Applied Human Nutrition with Distinction in 2010 from Mount Saint Vincent University in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Throughout her career as a dietitian, she has had a strong interest in digestive health and has been working with clients since 2013, creating Eat Well Halifax in 2015 in order to help others develop the resources and tools to promote healthy digestion, to reduce inflammation and therefore, to reduce risk of illness and ensure a high quality of life.

Nicole has been studying and researching gut health and metabolic health for more than 10 years and she focuses on ailments related to our digestive tract and poor metabolic health which includes ailments from IBS and GERD to Type 2 diabetes, allergies and other inflammatory diseases. Nicole believes that you can develop a healthy relationship with food and optimize your health when you have the tools and resources to navigate a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Meghan Rombeek


Meghan Rombeek joined Eat Well Nova Scotia in 2021 after practicing dietetics in London, ON for over 10 years in primary care and children’s metabolic health research. Meghan completed her masters of nutrition and metabolism at the University of Alberta and an honours bachelor of science at the university of Guelph.

Meghan is passionate about maternal & women’s health, feeding healthy families, and helping clients sort through the stigmas and the science when their weight is affecting their health. Meghan takes a holistic and practical approach to changing eating habits. Often, clients are looking for tips and support on how to change and they may not feel confident that meaningful change is possible. Meghan’s strength is helping clients navigate complex personal challenges and find individualized solutions that help them feel successful. Meghan believes that healthy eating can look different for different people and that health improves with progress, not perfection.

Based in Bridgewater, NS, Meghan offers telephone and virtual nutrition counselling across the province.

Jayme Saint


Jayme Saint completed her Bachelor of Science in Nutrition in 2004 from Acadia University in Wolfville, Nova Scotia, joining Eat Well Nova Scotia in 2021. She spent many years working as a retail dietitian, counseling groups and individuals with chronic disease. She has also worked in private practice counseling individuals and has years of practice in a one-on-one setting.

Jayme truly believes in practical nutrition basics and has a keen interest in mindfulness around dietary intake and digestive health. Her other passions and knowledge extends to family nutrition and understanding food labels. Jayme strives to help clients improve their relationship with food through a client-centered approach where all lifestyle changes, goals and steps are based on the individual needs of each client.