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Nicole Marchand, RD at Eat Well Nova Scotia (FKA: Eat Well Halifax) offers services and programs geared towards illnesses and diseases related to chronic inflammation and the health of the gut/digestive tract including IBS, IBD, diabetes, arthritis, hormone imbalances and allergies and intolerances.

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Nutritional Consulting Services

Nicole Marchand, Registered Dietitian, Halifax NS, has a strong interest in digestive health and has been consulting since 2013, forming Eat Well Nova Scotia/Halifax in 2015. The aim is to promote gut health and healthy digestion and to both prevent and treat chronic illness through nutrition and lifestyle choices. 

Our Programs and Services are geared towards preventing & treating:

  • Diabetes

  • Celiac disease

  • A poor relationship with food

  • Low energy/Sugar cravings

  • Anxiety or poor mental health

  • Kidney stone and UTI prevention

  • IBD or IBS

  • Eczema & Rosacea

  • Arthritis or joint pain

  • Hormone imbalances/PCOS

  • Poor liver health or NAFLD

  • Bloating and/or stomach pain

Nicole Marchand, RD


We offer Programs and Services designed by a registered dietitian that will help you achieve your wellness goals, prevent illnesses or treat current symptoms.

5 Steps to Optimized Health Program

Looking to increase energy levels, reduce bloating, improve sleep and many more benefits? This is the right program for you!

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Healing IBS and IBS-Like Symptoms

Living with symptoms such as: stomach pain, gas, bloating and any other symptom related to indigestion or poor digestion?

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One-on-one services

In addition to our programs, we offer one-on-one services on-site, video or phone consultations that work towards meeting your SPECIFIC dietary and wellness goals.

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For more information on each of the available programs:

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*For a quick chat and to discuss how my services can help you reach your wellness goals, prevent illness or 
treat current symptoms, or if this is your first time seeing a dietitian and you have general questions, 
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