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Our mission is to help you utilize the resources you have and to learn the tools needed in order to feel confident that you are in control of your own health and wellness. Lifestyle choices are a key component to living a high quality of life. In fact, in order to feel well, to move with energy and vitality, to feel strong, to manage stress, to sleep well, to be able to think and focus, it is essential to implement a holistic and full-bodied approach to supporting and enhancing your internal and external environment.

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Nicole Marchand, RD

Better health is achievable.

Better health is achievable.

Now while lifestyle changes can feel daunting at times, and they are, in fact, daunting at times… with a combination of offered resources and education on optimizing your physiology for improved and sustainable wellness long-term along with step by step programs or a goal setting approach to these lifestyle changes, you can succeed! A higher quality of life is achievable.

*A lifestyle approach to wellness does not equate to dietary restriction or the avoidance of your favourite ‘unhealthy’ treats in replace of salads, for example. A lifestyle approach does not mean that you have to spend one hour at the gym everyday or meditate for 10 minutes each morning either… after all, emotional, social and spiritual well-being are part of the overall picture of health and eating and dining for pleasure and enjoyment of food as well as finding balance between activity and rest and finding stress management skills that work for you are all pinnacle pieces of the wellness puzzle.

The dietitians at Eat Well Nova Scotia specialize in preventing, managing and treating chronic illness. Areas of focus include metabolic health, digestive health, immune system health, mental health and hormone balance. Consistent and long-term symptoms such as low energy, aches and pains, headaches, tension, discomfort, brain fog, digestive symptoms, etc., can be treated or managed through or with the help of lifestyle medicine. In fact, lifestyle medicine has been proven on many and varying levels and in 1000’s of peer-reviewed papers to enhance quality of life, to help with weight management, to prevent and treat chronic disease, to improve liver and heart health, to heal IBS, to improve mental health and immune health and much more. Lifestyle plays a strong and centre role in your health in the present and into the future. Illness is not caused by age, but by lifestyles that do not support healthy physiology. You are worth feeling your best and with the right education and tools, you can succeed.

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Nicole Marchand, Registered Dietitian, Owner and Operator


We offer programs and services designed to help you feel confident in taking control of your health. By developing the knowledge and tools to live a healthy lifestyle, you can achieve your wellness goals, prevent chronic illnesses, treat current symptoms and increase your quality of life! When you work with us, your concerns will be heard and the plan will be catered to your needs.

One-on-one services

In addition to our programs, we offer one-on-one services on-site, video or phone consultations that work towards meeting your SPECIFIC dietary and wellness goals.

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Restoring Metabolic Health

Looking to increase energy levels, reduce bloating, improve sleep and many more benefits? This is the right program for you!

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Healing IBS and IBS-Like Symptoms

Living with symptoms such as: stomach pain, gas, bloating and any other symptom related to indigestion or poor digestion?

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