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Gut healing package options

These programs combine the results of your gut health report with a dietary plan so you can better understand the cause of triggers to your digestive and systemic symptoms and your potential risk of developing a metabolic, chronic disease.

Liver reset package options

Our liver is a vital organ as it filters our blood and metabolizes and removes toxins and waste, produces bile for digestion, and has roles in the functioning of the immune system, balancing blood sugar and cholesterol levels, and storing vitamins and minerals. A ‘sluggish’ liver can be induced by our diet, alcohol, environmental toxins and oxidative stress, medications, and even stress. Improving the health of your liver is a critical step in improving your health.

The 14 day liver reset – Is it right for you? Click here to find out.

Personal chef package options

One of the main barriers to eating healthy is lack of time! It takes time to plan meals, to plan recipes, to grocery shop, to prepare meals, etc.

Sometimes we WANT to eat healthier, but we have a hard time fitting in time to make well-balanced, nutrient-rich meals. By combining one-on-one services to assess your nutrition needs and build a plan, along with a personal chef through Easy Platter, you will be set up to pursue your wellness goals!